Brentwood-Darlington Youth Spaces & Places

Thank you for taking our survey! This survey was created by two of the Portland State graduate students working on the Brentwood-Darlington Community Assessment and Action Plan. We would like to gather community input on where youth and families currently go to have fun and play outside, and how these places could be improved. We are also interested in hearing about what other types of play spaces are needed and where they would be most useful for Brentwood-Darlington. While this is youth-oriented, we would love input on the needs and wants of both younger and older kids. If you have ideas on this issue and do not have children of your own, we welcome your input as well! If you have kids living at home, we encourage you to ask them their thoughts or help them fill out their own survey! This survey works a little differently than most and will hopefully be a fun experience. We will be asking you to draw a shape around places in Brentwood-Darlington where you like to go and places that could use some improving. In order to gather more detailed information, we will also ask you to drop pins where you spend most of your time within the space and to tell us about the space or how it should be improved. At the end of the survey, we will provide an opportunity for you to leave your email if you would like to see the results of the survey in early June.